Sunday, October 22, 2006

PC World strikes again

Another classic men are stupid advert. Female shop assistant (and lets be honest male or female, PC world assistants consistently demonstrate a level of knowledge less than any consumer who reads a couple of computer mags or surfs the web for about an hour!) chats to female computer buyer whilst idiot male bangs mouse about next to her.

The future proofed computer (misleading term I am sure tradiing standards spotted that) will be around longer than the man.

Watch the advert here

On reflection perhaps this is as demeaning to women who pick thick eye candy boyfriends as it is to the all men, who are stupid of course in advertising.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tiscali broadband. Good enough for perverts?

The latest Tiscali ad centres around three female colleauges chatting at the water cooler. As would be expected they are confident and well adjusted. One of them is regailing her friends of her bus-stop encounter with "Jenkins" who looks a little nerdy. After showing her the wonderful broadband offer he showed her "something else". The reaction of her colleagues to the unspoken "something else" is that it was perhaps innappropriate - "Did you call the police" is the main comment.

Clearly then Tiscali products are for shallow women and perverted men only.

Watch the ad here, couresy of

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Big Yellow Storage

A man and a woman drive up towards the Big Yellow Storage centre. Man is a bit pompous banging on about how wonderful the storage is going to be and carrying a cricket bat as an affectation. His other half is then posed the question by him "Imagine what we can store in here?". The tag is of course the the sophisticated woman then drives off leaving said pompous husband stored in their Big Yellow unit.

Such wit.

Can't find an online version of this ad yet.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

PC World

PC World currently has a commercial on TV. In it the PC world assistant explains a wireless network product to her customer (also female). Apparently, also in the sale is a Tom-Tom satellite navigation system. After the sale of the latter is made, the joke is made by the female customer to her partner, a poor chap, that they are "over here". I.e. he is lost and needs female help.

See the add here on